Friday, April 8, 2016

let's start an eboot camp together!

This is a partly selfish post, but also one that I hope will help a lot of others.

Confession: When it comes to losing weight [or getting anything done, really], it's not going to happen unless there's some kind of competition or real motivation involved. I try to say I'll lose it before Jingle Ball- nope. How about before another important trip? Absolutely not.

I'll binge diet for MAYBE two weeks before but get real- that ish doesn't work.

SO. Today I propose a friendly weightloss competition with ANYONE on the Internet who would like to join in on the #EBootCamp.

Just like any internet challenge, we can declare that we're in on such a thing, and share our inspirations and progress with each other via hashtag! At the end, I'll have a prize pack that I will send to a couple winners [me not included obvi].

Right now we're looking at 7 weeks 'til Memorial Day, when summer REALLY kicks off. If we officially start this thing on Monday, April 18, that'll give us six weeks to get a hott bod for the summer. PLENTY of time!

If we all vow to post a variety of inspiration, tips, recipe ideas, progress, and workout ideas throughout the weeks, we'll motivate each other and end up feeling REALLY good come May 31, when winners will be crowned.

I will pick two winners to receive packages of goodies: The person who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight, and the person who was the most active online with the entire competition.

If you're interested, or even if you just want more info, let me know! I will contact you with all the rules and such ASAP.

If you'd like to offer help in the form of online training, diet tips, or donating items for the gift baskets, I'd ABSOLUTELY appreciate it and will give you all the love I can.

If you have any suggestions to make this better, I always welcome constructive criticism. This idea literally came to me in a dream last night and I decided to jump on it and see what happens.

I'm REALLY excited about what this could be, so please help me spread this even if you have the perfect body. Four years ago we did something similar with my station and I was my skinniest ever. I've since gained almost 30 pounds and it KILLS me. Everyone else who did that competition lost at least 10% of their weight, on their own! This could really work, NATIONALLY! I have high hopes.



Unknown said...

I'm in. I've been saying I'm gonna start exercising since the beginning of the year. So, lets do this

Chris Morin said...

For the third time....because GMail keeps screwing me over....

I am also starting a diet/exercise program on 4/18 (I won't mention the name unless you ask). I'm currently 262 lbs at 6'2" tall and trying to lose at a minimum of 30 lbs (but going for more). My email is if you need to send me any additional info.

Chris Morin said...

I am so down for more motivation!!!! #ebootcamp will definitely help!

Wendell aka flexx13 said...

Interested but you should make it a 12 week challenge. It typically takes 3 months to show real progress. Getting ready for the 4th of July would be optimal but this is not a sermon just a suggestion.

Chad said...

I am in

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So I know I'm incredibly late but I just came across your IG, followed the hashtag to your blog and discovered this! Is there any way to pick your brain for tips? Would you consider doing another boot camp?

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