Wednesday, January 28, 2015

watch: i'm in this awesome george mason university documentary!

A couple months ago, I got to host a pep rally of sorts at George Mason University. Even though I felt hella awkward and nervous and everything along those lines, I was super excited and honored to be out on the court.

Now I'm finding out I was a part of this video/documentary about their Final Four team of 8 years ago, and where they are now. Once again, I'm honored and excited and mad that I can't remember a couple lines/titles/names. Idiot EB.

I'm in the beginning, but watch the whole thing. It's really well done.

I get to do really cool things for my job, and that Midnight Madness was one of them. Things that put me out of my comfort zone are always my worst and favorite moments. It's all about growing, right?!


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Mike said...

It was great that you made the final cut of this video. I have supported Mason since the 1996-97 season, and this video took me back. I spent my 30th birthday the Verizon Center watching Mason beat Wichita State in the sweet 16. To this day, I think if Mason played UCLA or LSU in the final four, they are playing for all the marbles.