Tuesday, November 4, 2014

i spy: halloween 2014

Sigh. Another year of not having all of my Halloween pictures because of losing my precious technology, but I was still able to get soem of my fave costumes from around the 'net and friends circle! Save 'em for next year along with this CVS receipt. 

Terrifying DIY clown from American Horror Story. 

Regina George and Aaron Samuels!

Fix It Felix and Wreck It Ralph!


But I'm pretty sure there will never be a better Darla. SO legit.

I eyerolled all the Elsa's and Anna's but this is too damn funny.

Little DEAD Riding Hood. I'm into puns.

If you're preggers- be the blueberry chic from Willy Wonka! 


OBSESSED with this Happy Meal crew picture. 

And this would be so easy to do last minute!

They did South Park perfectly. 

One of my faves that I personally saw! That Chucky is great.  

Crazy that grown as women dress up as 7 year olds? Whatever.

Homegirl's got a good boyfriend for him to dress up like this for the Shining twins.

As for me, I spent the Friday night in Salt Lake City, UT for my first event with my station out there! Their party was hella fun! 

And after a lot of DIYing, my costume for Iggy Azalea came out pretty good I think!

How bout the hardest thing to find was a freaking wig?! I didn't find that one until 30 minutes before the party. Thank goodness. 

And yes, of course I stuffed the booty.

A solid 7 wash cloths were in that thing. 

A lot of people asked me where I got all the pieces.... well, I got a little crafty. And while they looked a bit ratchet up close, it worked!

I bought a white tummy tucker pair of granny panties, dyed them yellow, and added plaid with a black Sharpie and white puffy paint. As for the bra- I just took an old white one and made it plaid with puffy paint. VOILA!

Now I can't freaking wait to show her at Jingle Ball. I have everything in my body crossed that I get the chance to.. and that she'll find it hilarious. 

The next day, my friend and I did the tutu versions of Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse! Is it ridiculous that I already had every part for both costumes besides the white tutu?

Tights, tutus, and a t-shirt... with the ears or a bow. So easy! She spray painted her flats and put polka dots on a t-shirt to make it more legit. 

So props to another fun, creative, and DIY Halloween, friends! 


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