Tuesday, October 21, 2014

pinspired outfit: fall is for flannel

Remember when I used to do a bunch of Pinspired things?! That seems like a lifetime ago. Let's do it again. Sorta. 

I saw this pin and even though the jeans she's wearing are a very light blue, I decided that white jeans and flannel is a great idea.

I definitely like the light colored boots better, but with my flannel, black was the way to go.

-flannel from Target
-jeans from JustFab
-booties from Forever21

I don't wear watches that often because I normally end up taking them off while working. They just get in the way! This one is the exception, though.. and I'm not just saying that because it was given to me. The silicon is soft and flexible, and the watch is waterproof! PLUS... they're totally unisex. 

Check them out! They're offering you 10% off with code "elizabethany" ! 

Now... I want to get more flannels. Does that make me basic?