Wednesday, October 22, 2014

nails: making music with jamberry

Anyone else's nails only look good for a couple weeks at a time before they go to $#!t again?! I don't know why, but I only get my nails long enough to paint for about a month, before I work on growing them out again for another three to four. I need more biotin in my life. 

When the time comes, I do a lot of playing. This time I had to use one of my favorite Jamberry sheets... it had boomboxes or tapes and other fun stuff on it!

To match it, I added an orange polish I got from Five Below [it's nice and thin and rarely chips] and Selena Gomez's "Pretty in Plum" by OPI. The glitter is Essie's "Set in Stones." [I got the Essie and OPI in previous Ipsy bags!]

The Essie glitter chips the easiest. I had to switch out the pinky nail to just purple after 36 hours... but it's still looking fabulous!

Also... be on the lookout for a Jamberry giveaway coming within the next 7 days!


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