Tuesday, September 16, 2014

wearing: a warm fall

It seems like as soon as Labor Day comes, everyone switches to Fall colors, no more summer dresses or bright colors... but not me. The only difference is that I shave less, so pants and maxi dresses are more prevalent for that reason only.

I decided to go all bright and more Springy the other day and I regret nothing.

-pants from H&M
-zipper back top from TJ Maxx
-shoes from Charlotte Russe
-necklace from BlueLans

I love those pink pants, but they get so baggy in the knees very quickly. I'm going to assume that's because they're cheap, huh? That's what I get for paying $5 for pants.

Simple, fun colors, and a necklace to bring in a little blue. Easy.


PS Today is officially my 6 year anniversary of this blog! I'm proud and had to share. Thank you so much for visiting this here website and keeping me going with it. It's the longest commitment I've had beyond college, and that wasn't totally my choice.

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