Tuesday, May 6, 2014

wearing: orange and blue contrast

Sometimes I feel like I'm putting too much effort into an outfit and could easily go basic, other times I feel like my entire wardrobe is nothing but basics and needs a touch of crazy.

After getting my necklaces from BlueLans last week, I had to wear one but did not have time to put together some try-to-hard outfit.

Enter a chiffon tee because they look nicer than regular knit, and the contrast was everything I could want.

And a zipper back! Pfft, it's SUPER fancy!........ right?!

-necklace was under $3
-top from TJ Maxx
-Express jeans also via TJ Maxx
-aztec flats from Target

The only real complaint about this outfit is that the stupid zipper keeps coming unzipped! I decided to put a dab of super glue on the inside [after it was already zip-closed] and it doesn't seem to be sliding anymore. I won't need to unzip it ever, so I'm not worried about it!

Here's to lazy and easy outfits still looking put together!