Tuesday, April 29, 2014

wearing: polka dots and lace

Pinterest gave me the one math equation we can all remember this spring:

                 floral + polka dots = a must! 

I'm down with it. Switch out the polka dots with stripes, and we have TWO things to work with!

It was just the inspiration I needed for a client party I went to for my Norfolk/VA Beach station last week. I wanted to be dressy without being too much. I dug though my skirt drawer and found this gem that I too often forget about.

Originally I left the shirt tucked in, but I ended up untucking the back half. It felt more casual. 

-crochet/lace skirt from Charlotte Russe clearance
-booties from F21 clearance [similar]
-simple gold studs
-light pink/nude lip gloss from Ipsy that I'm still getting used to

The necklace is actually a lot more pink/rose gold than pictured, I think... 

There's something I have to admit, though... Just as I was leaving the station to head down there, I ripped the freaking skirt! I ended up having to take the hooks from a pair of earrings in my car and "sewing" it back together so it wasn't flapping around. Hi ghetto fabulous. I'm really hoping I can figure out a way to sew and fix it for real. 


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Panty Buns said...

I love, love, LOVE your crochet/lace skirt from Charlotte Russe clearance!!!!!!!!! I was about to l go to bed, but when I saw how beautiful yuor outfit and eyeliner looked I just had to log back in to Blogger and comment. Your lipstick, polka dot Lauren Conrad top from Kohls and Forever 21 neclace all look lovely. I just have to say it again: I love that skirt!
On two unrelated notes: No Pants Day is Friday and I LOVED the No Pants Day - YouTube video you starred in that was uploaded by Why Party Today. Do you know what (if any) No Pants Day events are scheduled Friday?
The other thing is, I know you're very very busy, but I would really love it if you stopped by my blog and left a comment on my most recent lingerie fashionista post titled: "Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs and Warner's Modern Briefs Reviews".
Thank you for reading this and, if you did, for considering stopping by and commenting :D xoxo