Monday, April 28, 2014

influenster box review: all about mary kay!

I got another Influenster box and this has to be the best one yet!

All products are from Mary Kay, and it told me I was pretty when I opened it! SCORE.

There are already a few things that have made it into my daily routine: The bronzer, mascara, and gold eyeshadow. The bronzer is the perfect color, the mascara is great for daily wear, and who doesn't love a light gold eyeshadow?!

I'm also pretty pumped about the liquid lipstick. It's red with some sparkles and so far stays pretty well for at least a couple hours. The cream eyeliner is also clutch, but because I'm so hooked on my liquid liner, I probably won't use it daily.

The brushes are also top notch. I don't know where my brushes are from, but they're about to find the trash can. The blush brush they sent is soft and thick and everything it should be. I've never had a crease shadow brush like the one they sent, but it seems to be a bit of a life saver right now.

I'll post some pics of all of the products on me soon!


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