Tuesday, April 22, 2014

eTV: truth or dare with 5 seconds of summer

I finally found [or re-found, really..] something that seems to work and be fun and be "me" when it comes to visits from artists... a little Truth or Dare, duh!

Way back in the day, I played it with Raini and Rico Rodriguez [of Austin and Aly/Modern Family]... but now I've started doing it with the groups that come in while also getting their fans involved.

Yesterday we had 5 Seconds of Summer. They toured with One Direction and that's the same kinda fanbase they have. Imagine screaming girls showing up at 7am for a 3:00 event, then chasing the black cars into a major roadway or jumping into moving cars to chase them that way. Yeah. It's crazier than any stalking that I've done.

Watch as the guys have to do impressions of celebs, sing duets with listeners, and try to dodge truth questions like it's the okay thing to do.

It's fun, right?! I laugh a lot and die a little inside every time I watch the twerking and moonwalking... but we'll blame it on the carpet.. or... something.

Clearly I'll have to lay down some ground rules like "no trying to get out of answering a truth question, even if you can't think of one." I also wanna start getting everyone involved in picking out what the cards/options are... so start thinking!


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