Monday, March 3, 2014

you know you're old when...

As much as I claim to still feel and act like I'm 22, there have been recent moments that prove otherwise.

Most of the moments involve happy tears.

I was always the bitch of a daughter who made fun of my mom every time her eyes watered up while watching some happy show or movie. I didn't get it. How could she start bawling over something so good and exciting?!

Karma is the true bitch.

Ever since getting this job, I'm an emotional wreck every time I see someone's dreams coming true. I cried every time someone congratulated me. My boss wondered WTF was wrong with me when she came into my office seconds after I first watched Carlton on American Idol. My eyes were swollen after a these two speeches last night:

The semi-ridiculous part: I even had a dream that III won an Oscar, and was able to get up on stage and just tell everyone else how inspiring they are to me.

Some of my dreams have come true, and maybe it's because I know the feeling and the excitement that makes me so happy... but I really just had a taste of that excitement and now I want so much more of it! AND I want everyone to get a lick of it.

Did you watch E!s red carpet before the show? SO many actors and producers and big names kept telling Seacrest how good he was at what he does. On live TV. In front of the world. They took the time to interrupt talking about themselves to compliment him. That was also an incredible thing to watch, and yes, made my stomach drop and eyes well up for him.

Am I becoming a mush? I'd like to think not [and I'd never admit it if I was], but I guess everyone has a weakness!

Have you had something happen or go on that makes you feel old? Let's joke about it together so we feel ridiculous and young forever.



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