Wednesday, March 12, 2014

this or that outfits: black leather jacket

We could look at these posts as something helpful like I really couldn't decide what to wear... or we can look at them as the truth: I tend to wear the same things a couple days in a row. [I also eat the same meals for days in a row... WHATEVER.]

Last week, it was all about my black [p]leather jacket from Target.  

This sweater comes out of my drawer once a year. I always think it's a bad idea, but really it isn't! I added a little color with the necklace and voila.

jacket- $15 from Target
sweater is super old... like 8 years.
jeans- Express via TJ Maxx $16
boots- $17 from Target
necklace- $5 from Charlotte Russe

This time I decided to go with one of my fave new neon tees, which just happened to match this scarf perfectly.

-scarf from my clothing swap
-neon studded tee- $8 from Forever21
-jeans also Express via TJ Maxx $20
-same jacket and boots

I guess I could also ask which hair-up style is better, but considering both happened because I was feeling incredible lazy, I won't. Do tell which outfit you like best, though!

Any volunteers to do a This/That post? You just holler at me!



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