Thursday, January 16, 2014

wearing: sweater and leather

It was a little warmer the past couple days, so I didn't need a full coat, which made it perfect for a leather jacket!

I paired my favorite one from LC at Kohl's with my new go-to pants... the olive jeans from Charlotte Russe.

-jeans from Charlotte for $15
-sweater tee from F21 a long time ago
-leather jacket from Kohl's $40 [I bought it for an event]
-boots from Target $20
-purse to add a little contrast: thrifted!

I like that my sweater is such a deep v and the jacket has that buckle/snap at the top... it creates a fake cutout of sorts, right?!

The truth is.. I really wanna start posting a bajillion more outfit posts, but I've put on a quick 10 pounds while off my meds [I literally can't stop eating. I'd go to rehab if I could], so pictures aren't my favorite thing right now... but I'm working on it! Gotta work those angles, right?! [And before you're all "shut up, you can't even tell" or something, YOU shut up. :) I'm not looking for pity or saying I'm fat.. just opening up/sharing my weight fluctuation issues.]

Also... I felt like this outfit was really cute when I wore it yesterday, but now I'm realizing it's just like all the other outfits that everyone loves on Pinterest- mostly pretty plain. WHATEVER. I LIKE PLAIN, OKAY.


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