Thursday, January 9, 2014

if famous pop culture moments happened in the 90s

It's about damn time I get back into sharing all things 90s! What better day than Throwback Thursday?!

What if some of the biggest pop culture icons/happenings/etc happened in the 90s? Well... Cracked illustrated it for us and some of them are perfection.

Angry Birds, meet awesome Nokia brick phone.

"Baby got ASS!" Featuring Kim K's ass, of course. 

Because everything we loved had to become clear for a little while.

This is why we didn't try such holograms back then.

The hair! The font! The colors! This is perfect. 

Anything that I know of as high quality or 3D DEFINITELY included a lot of red and blue, and some special glasses.

Now these outfits are right.

I imagine this would have been extremely thick and heavy, as well... with plenty of space for floppy disks. 

Accurate casting.

And last but not least....
I've never seen anything make this moment as funny as this picture! the hair! LOL YES.

I seriously laughed out loud at so many of those. So great.


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