Wednesday, December 4, 2013

what ya should wear wednesdays- inappropriate christmas sweaters

It's ugly Christmas sweater season! Hopefully these things are still being found in the thrift shops, but I've also seen mall kiosks for them and racks inside Walmart etc. ARE THEY GONNA BECOME UNCOOL?!

Nah, chill. They're always great... especially when a website is taking them to a new level. They're taking them from G to R-rated! 

At first look, Grandma will be all "that's a nice sweater, hun!" But your friends will look closer... and realize just how "niiiiiice" it is.

Santa peeing on a roof... reindeer humping... BLACK SANTA IS REAL! and there are more.

Yeah... these are incredible. A bit out of my $3 price range, but possibly worth it. 

BONUS... they have fanny packs... for anyone who feels like getting me something for Christmas.