Wednesday, October 23, 2013

watch: boy meets world reunites on good morning america

 Thank goodness for the internet and my phone!  Without cable I'm missing Ellen and any good tv every day!  Luckily none of us have to miss more of this adorable Bout Meets  World reunion that Entertainment Weekly is so generously giving us!

I  posted the original video on my HOT  blog,  but now check out the video they showed on GMA!

SO gladto hear they won't be getting any wiser since that's obviously what made the show!
and is this confirmation that Shawn will definitely be on?! We haven't gotten that yet...

Gah, I  just love seeing them all together. And go `head Lily Iksay  for taking all the game and credit from the other chic!  You're  way cuter anyway!


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