Thursday, October 24, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 102313

Before I even get into this week, I should let everyone know that I am 99% positive I missed at least one person. Not only am I finding that people are using all sortsa hashtags, but I was trying to keep track of them all on a bunch of different computers... so if you're missing, LET ME KNOW!

Now let's get on wit' it.

How pretty are the colors @oct_libra10 is wearing?! And her scarf is from Walmart!

ANOTHER pretty scarf on @toribabyy14!

Added to list of needs: A reddish blazer like @amsnedegar's. And that bandana.

@modelbrittanyj is actually wearing a shirt/skirt! I thought it was a dress.. and that make-up! 

Check out @thebestintheworldhy wearing lavendar! But man-ing it all up with a fitted.

I can't stop looking at @brookecassidyxo's flats! Super cute, and I'd totally wear them year 'round.

I spy pattern mixing on @laceyy_peterson! I like the mix of colors, too.

@avonelady has a fun maxi skirt and make-up!

@sarahkoellisch is all bundled up, but also rockin' a cute, fun scarf.

Enjoying @averydiroh's sweater dress!

@Alexonthemic has these shirts for her station's Race for the Cure team. I want one just because!

Ooohh @ddryan is getting all fancy with his picture. The bar has been raised, y'all.

Sparkles! Ombre! Fun! @shaylads

Get ready for patterned tights everywhere! @s_maul is already rockin' em and lookin' good!

@squidneyjax went all Americana for one of her spirit days! This would be a real easy Halloween costume, too....

Boots, necklaces, military jackets... any of them automatically make something fashionable right now.. and @BrookeRadio's got em all!

@kcessna has a fun winter headband!

Liiiiking @ksnedegar's boots, hat, and jacket!

@tannerlinwood started with a polka dot shirt, but I'm obsessed with her mix of fabrics and colors that she put on later in the day!

Army green is my weakness right now.. and so are stripes... so @_emlovesaust_ is a winner.

@florasenmipelo always brings something different to the table for me to try!

@xxginginxx swears she's not wearing Redskins colors, but I beg to differ. [PS that rooommmm, girl... ;)]

Okay so this is actually from a boutique that I follow, but I love the outfit! I'm normally against the whole leggings-as-pants thing, but if it's a long shirt and cardigan like this, I'm diggin' it.

As for me... UGH. No camera, phone's camera broke, couldn't find someone to take a picture/forgot when they were all around... so this is all I got for ya.
I had an orange button down from Love Culture and a black/multicolored scarf that I got for $5 from [my new weakness!]. You can see the scarf a little better on instagram.

Another solid week, though! YAY!

If you're confused on which hashtag to use, please use either #WhatYaWearinWednesday or #WYWW. That way I'll definitely find it and not forget it!


PS Check out my picks/faves/whatever on the HOT blog!


Alice Cullen said...

You missed me ):

elizabethany said...

Post the link to it in here and I'll get ya!