Wednesday, October 30, 2013

pinspired outfit: mixing black and brown with military

Mixing black and brown gives me a little anxiety... and I don't think that this outfit really helped that now that I look at the picture for entirely too long. 

I was Pinspired by this here outfit, but didn't wanna rock the cowboy boots to work... Fail on my part. I should have. 

I figured the ruggedness would work for me... but meh. 
Anyway... here's the rundown: 
-military green shirt c/o Kohl's... they have some similar options at F21 for $30ish.
-white short sleeved sweater from F21 years ago.. here's a similar one
-black jeans from Papaya for $15
-boots from for $15ish
-necklace from

Also... I'm SO over slouchy boots. I need some thinner ones... I need some boot shopping time.

Ya see, it's all about wearing things and then realizing how it doesn't work for next time!


1 comment:

K said...

I wear black and brown together all the time, and I think this outfit is fantastic. :)