Wednesday, September 4, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 090413

 Woop! It's another edition of my favorite day so let's get to it!

@livelifeinstyle had some super fun nail appliques!

@AloraBuzz's whole look is so pretty and vintage, except the dress is from Forever21!

@mtaustin90 went all sexy polo then fun Star Wars belt and Captain America tee

@jenndbradley was fun with pink shorts, but I'm lovin' the flats!

@Pungo_Princess  went very versatile with her skirt, shirt, and blazer

First @ashleyfay showed off her knockers cute summer dress that is totally still acceptable, than her fun new hair!

@amsnedegar had pretty hair and cute and easy jumper-dress.

@los_xx_equis showed off his latest bow tie! 

@Deja_raygene had on a shirt straight from Vegas!

@RomulaLynn's make-up is clearly Breaking Bad influenced, just like the new shirt at her work!

Another fun color combo I'm not ready to give up: @toribabyy14's coral and royal blue.

How fantastic are @JBrown0207's back to school nails?!

And speaking of back to school, @sami_sunshine4812 is modeling what juniors in HS are wearing this week...........

Now back to innocence with @captainamandica's cute Little Mermaid shirt!

@lnatiger is lucky I like pink, because I'm not sure I can support someone reppin' the Hokies so boldly on my blog.

Loving this outfit/combo of a skater dress and chambray shirt on @sarahalmazan!

And @nessa_bird perfectly brought this bright and fun summer dress to "Fall."

As for me, I'm wearing white all. week. long... today: White shorts!

I figure if you're going to wear white [which I think is totally acceptable any day of the year], you can pair it with the more acceptable colors of the season.. like maroon and orange!
-shorts from Kohl's
-belt from F21
-shirt from Love Culture
-earrings from
-shoes [that are so big I have to stuff them with paper towels] from Target

As always, thanks for sending your pics my way! I can't tell you how giddy I get every time I see a cute outfit!



Unknown said...

you are aware.... maroon and orange... are indeed VT colors. traitor.

Ella Ava said...

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