Monday, September 9, 2013

the biggest announcement of my life

I can't believe I'm about to say this in real life. I can't believe this is a real thing that's already happening. I feel like I'm dreaming.... but the papers and important people tell me it's true....

In less than two weeks, I'm moving to Washington, DC to take over the night show on HOT 99.5.

Holy. Crap.

Remember that station I interned for five years ago? Then stalked and showed up at the year after? Then I continuously invited myself to their events and let them know I was still around and waiting for the opportunity to call it my home again... I thought it would take me a solid decade before the timing would be right, but I'M COMING HOME!!!

I honestly can't even express how I'm feeling right now. The level of excitement is indescribable. Beyond the fact that it's an incredible move for my career, I'm going back to learn from the best. I'm also going back to a family that has helped me grow even when I was in Texas and Virginia Beach. I'm going to be a part of a team that I've always looked up to, envied, and idolized. I'm officially going to be one of them. Wow. I am just so honored right now... [but yet I'm also ready to kick some ass and show 'em how great I've become over the years and prove I deserve this!]

The next two couple weeks will be hectic, so I hope you'll forgive me if I seem to be a little vacant while I'm moving and getting acquainted to a new job and schedule.

Ya know... One thing I've always hoped to do above making people laugh, is inspire people. This move is so inspiring to me right now, that I hope it's rubbing off on you! If there's anything I can teach you from this [okay, a few things]:

  1. NEVER think that a dream is unreachable or too far off... just keep reaching and you'll get it. 
  2. Don't believe in "going too above and beyond." If you want something, do whatever it takes to get it. Show up at the office or event. Keep calling. Keep emailing. I'd rather be told I tried too hard than didn't try hard enough.
  3. Make relationships with people. Not fake relationships, not strictly business relationships... but when you're networking with people in your profession [no matter what it is], make them your friends. Keep in touch with them and stay in their lives. Look out for each other.
  4. Dream big, but work really hard. I've told you a bajillion times my favorite quote is "Strivers achieve what dreamers believe," and it's how I run my life. [Also play hard... when the time is right, duh. Otherwise you'll lose your mind. [I guess that's really just reiterating what I said in 1 and 2 huh?]

I can't stop getting goosebumps or teary-eyed every time I talk about this. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED.

Get ready, DC. Elizabethany is coming back, stronger than ever and even more ready to conquer the city.

Cue Daughtry.


PS: With this move will come a lot of changes, including my Twitter name that is impossible to say quickly on the air... I'll make sure everyone's aware when that happens, though!

PPS: Congrats to one of my greatest friends Kruz, who is making a HUGE move for his career to Baltimore.. and also thanks to him... because it left the opening for me!


Kelen Conley said...

I am beyond pumped for you EB! Congratulations!

Wendell aka flexx13 said...

I'm so happy and excited that you are coming home! You are one of my favorite people and I can't wait to listen you on the radio. I see many great times ahead.