Thursday, August 22, 2013

watch: corey gets revenge on me

This is about to become an epic war....

Remember when Corey so rudely left his phone right in front of me [it's torture not to look through it!] and I posted the hilarious pictures of him "Biebering?!" Well.... he got me back.

A studio FULL of Taylor Swift pictures. EVERYWHERE. I've never walked into a studio with worse energy.

Seriously, I was shaking... for like an hour. Everywhere I looked there were more, I was late for my show.. SHE'S THE WORST!

Ugh. Now I gotta come up with something to ruin his show... or something to make him rage like that. He's hard to piss off, though... I'll accept any and all ideas you have.

Game on, Corey. GAME. ON.


PS: Once I did get my show under control, I came up with a new game I call "Dared or Scared." Someone calls in with a dare, and we give that to the second caller. If they complete the dare, they win. If they don't, the other person wins! Homegirl was dared to say things while someone else's toes were in her mouth. BARFTASTIC.

Seeing people post videos/pics/tweets/whatever about listening to the radio or even cooler- being on it, is the coolest thing for us. People should do it more often. :)

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