Tuesday, August 20, 2013

listen to the show: people spill others' life-ending secrets

A couple weeks ago I decided to see if I could get people to share their friends' secrets, since they've been a little more apprehensive with sharing their own lately... Turns out, anyone's down to rat out their friends if there are no names involved.

I figured I'd get some calls on cheating, or "normal" things like that... I didn't know, nor could I have ever even imagined that I'd get some of the ones I did.

...What... the... #&$%. I'm still in shock over that one phone call. Imagine if any of these people were listening to their secrets being shared...

Actually, don't imagine that... because I'm gonna want to do this again, and I don't want anyone afraid to share such things!

I love my listeners/callers/life sometimes.... especially when they shock me.


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