Wednesday, July 17, 2013

watch etv: i seriously wanna start crashing parties

I've always kinda mentioned doing this, but when I got a call the other night from some people who were clearly at a really fun party, I decided it needed to actually happen.

It's time I start crashing parties.

I'd be lying if I told you this is all for show/internet/video purposes... it's actually because I need some more friends and I feel like this is a really great way to do it. I also wanna be forced out of my comfort zone.

The "partner in crime" thing is going to work just like it did when I stalked the Real World DC. I'm hoping to find someone I've never met before to come with me and be my wingman or woman for the night.

Obviously, it won't be a complete crash since someone will know I'm coming.. but I think it'll be great when not everyone does. The way I look at it: You're informing me of a party, and I may or may not show up on my own... I don't plan on telling people a definite yes or no RSVP.

Lots of people seem to be down to be my PIC, now I just need people to start offering parties. If you know of one, need a date to a wedding, anything, you just holler at your girl [that's me].


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