Wednesday, July 31, 2013

updated! my recent photoshoot

***DISCLAIMER*** If you're a family member, you probably wanna close your eyes, scroll down, and skip over this here post... because I'm going to see you all next week and I'd rather not have the awkward "OMG what are you doing with your life" conversation. ***END DISCLAIMER***

And now we move on...

A couple weeks ago I did a photoshoot with Kiyomi Photography, that was way more risque than I've ever done, and it wasn't even for a dare! [It was actually for "Undressed" purposes, but things have changed so now it's basically like I did it just for fun.]

She makes me look goodddd, and I'm so excited to see more [and share as many as I can]! 

UPDATE!! 7/31!
She has officially posted her favorite pics! [all but one of which I love... and only because I'm pissed about my ass-shrinkage.] 

So see what she had to say about the shoot and the rest of the pics right over here! 

And if you need any sort of pictures done, holler at Tanya! She recently announced she's willing to travel, so shoot her a message if you're interested!