Thursday, June 27, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 062713

Been a busy week for me, and apparently it is for you too! Today's post is much smaller than usual. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be taking a hint of "I'm sick of you always asking to see what I'm wearing, you weirdo" or if people are just in summertime lax mode.

Let me know, mmk!? I feel like most people love these posts, but your participation is key!

Now let's get to it.

It's about damn time we get some military up in here! @JNorthSouth is lookin' goooddd!

And must be the trend of the week, cuz @meeshkatz went military-inspired!

@Matty_may757 was lookin' good for an interview!

@lisa_morrow looked adorable in this skirt and shirt with white blocks on the shoulder to add an extra bit of snazz.
@90sVintage went all out Western [even to a bar that looks pretty fun, I think!]

@dejaraygene95 wore one of my go-to outfits for the summer: button down tank, jorts, and sandals!

Really loving @brookeradio's top and the subtle touch the necklace adds!

@melmoraes looks so chill and cute.. I'm loving the skirt [that she stole from her sis]. Never seen one like it!

@krystalllcurlzz added some color to her outfit with pretty Sperry's!

And @NaomiCVargas went a little 90s, I feel! Obviously I like it.

As for me, I was supposed to do a photoshoot yesterday [hopefully getting postponed... there was an allergic reaction/swollen eyes involved...], and wanted to go all red, white, and blue... so I'm sorry that this is what I'm always doing, but deal with it! :)

-dress F21 clearance $6ish
-heels Rue21 $12
-necklace was a gift
-belt Charlotte Russe $1.50

I guess since it's been postponed, that gives me a little time to get your opinion on if I should actually wear it or not! And for myself to overly evaluate it a million times. 

Here's to next week being really great! And a double cheers to everyone who participated this week! You're champions!