Thursday, June 27, 2013

podcast from the show: talkin' about the size of your goodies!

This has been a debate in multiple circles of friends, so I'm not sure why it's taken so long to bring it on the show... but I finally did.

I asked the peeps: Would you rather date someone with big boobies/shaft, or a borderline flat chest/little pecker?

A lot of people tweeted me asking to share the results, and while I normally RT the tweets I get, here's what people called in to say in case you suck at listening to my show.

I wish I would have saved all the tweets, but I got a lot of mixture from the ladies. Someone was yelling at me for even considering the smaller ones because "if you have to use a toy it's not worth it," and other people agreed with me that sometimes having too much to work with is not fun. I assume it's the same for guys/boobs. A hefty handful is nice, sure... but do you really want giant balloons in your face?

Feel free to comment your opinion! Also... I really need to come up with my go-to word for "man-junk" on the show. Every time I talk about it, I become instantly awkward as you may have noticed in the podcast. Help a girl out!


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