Thursday, June 13, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 061213

This whole me having a club night every Wednesday is really putting a damper on What Ya Wearin Wednesday! Sorry, but they're going to be up the morning after for a while. [A girl's gotta make money!]

Let's get to it! ...even though it's a shorter week. Apparently the storms are gettin' to everyone.

Okay, even though I can't see @brookeradio's whole outfit, I'm even more convinced that I need some of these pants. They're funky!

As @RadioSmurf said, it's fun to work in radio and have this be your dress code.

@froofalicious is an everyday pin-up girl and I want her to teach me the ways!

I do love a man who can wear purple, like @TrevorDickerson!

I'm lovin' @sashaherr's brand new nails! Pretty!

@waeldavis is all camo chic with a little bit of sailor style... Am I right?!

@kendallradio's shoes! I probably need them, since I already have the rest of the outfit!

Easy outfit, but SO cute on @abaker1804.

Here they come. If y'all start sending me bathing suit pictures every week like @showmewhytheycallyouruthless, I may go crazy girl jealous. Or I'll just have to join you.

@barelyaware was "unintentionally patriotic," but puh-lease. That's the most perfect 'Merica outfit!

Val with a simple peplum top and shorts! I enjoy it.. especially the necklace, obviously.

@alex_bubblyonabudget with strappy heels and metal necklace! I need to jump on those trends.

@dbomb252 went all cute Batgirl on us!

And @JenDBradley was showing off her "librarian humor."

As for me, I was determined to break my "no black in the summer" rule, mostly because I didn't feel like shaving.

-tank from Ross $5
-jeans from Papaya $15
-most uncomfortable shoes ever from JustFab 50% off $20 [so mad about that.]

And that's that! Thanks to all of you who submitted! You hottiemctotties!


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