Tuesday, June 11, 2013

photo diary: the time i stayed up til 8am to catch a sunrise

For some terrible, odd reason... I've never seen the sunrise at the beach. The few times I've been up even close to the time, no one has wanted to go the extra distance with me! This past Wednesday night, my BFF was in town, and we stayed up literally just talking and drinking in the kitchen until 5:45. When we realized the sun was coming up, we packed up some more drinks and headed down to the ocean just in time.

Her friend was also with us, so I was able to adjust some settings on the camera and get a bunch of shots of all of us. While I'm nowhere near close to calling myself a great photographer- I'm still learning- I do think some of these are pretty freaking great.

It's now our trademark pose, I think... thanks to Pinterest!

I really like this one for some reason. I know it needs something edit-wise to make it really epic, I just need to figure out what it is.

Being a gymnast makes for being able to take cool pictures.

This is blurry and not good, but for some reason I love it. Plus, the water was 64 degrees, and Jon went swimming in it.

And this one is just a failure. We tried to jump at the timer. Welp.

I LOVE this one, but the perfectionist in me wants her centered over the street lines. Still need to play with Photoshop and figure it out.

Like I said, I'm no pro, and I kinda refuse to pay for all of these Photoshop "techniques" or whatever that you can buy, so I've been trying to just get out and play with my camera lately. Any photographers reading this who wanna give me some pointers on how to make these even better, would be much appreciated!

No matter who you are- I challenge you to stay up all night and catch a sunrise.. anywhere. Not only was it gorgeous, but I felt like a kid again. I stayed up all night with my BFF. We went and got breakfast before we went to bed. It's not often us "big kids" get those opportunities, so if you get even a half of an opportunity to do it, TAKE IT!


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