Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the first look at lauren conrad's summer kohl's line

Eep! These days are always exciting for me! It's a lot like getting a new Delia's catalogue way back in the day. I wait all season for a look at Lauren Conrad's next line of clothes, drool over them when they come out, then cry when I go to buy them and decide I really can't afford a $60 dress.

Still... it's fun to drool over them when they do come out! Here are some of my favorites for the summer line!

This is so simple, and if I can just get over my personal rule of not wearing long sleeves in the summer, I can dig it!

This is absolutely gorgeous. For anyone looking for a white lace dress to buy, I'd say this is the one.

Maybe my favorite of the sneak peek... It's so different from anything I wear, but it's also so cute and versatile.

These crochet tanks are everywhere, and I'm not mad about it. They make looking like a hippy totally acceptable.

These were screenshots from her photoshoot video. That orange dress needs to be mine.

I read an article about her not long ago and she said she was realizing she needed to make more clothes that fit everyone, not just people like her. It's pretty obvious she's starting to make more clothes that are suitable for middle aged women who want to be "hip." I'm not mad about it, though. They're all still awesome.

What's your fave? Tweet me or comment so we can be giddy together!


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