Wednesday, May 8, 2013

listen to the show: last friday was so fun

One of the most common questions people ask me is "how do you come up with all of the stuff you talk about." Answer: I'm always taking notes on my own life, as well as yours. If you tell me a story and it's interesting, I'm saving it in my phone. If you have an intriguing tweet, I'm favoriting it to remember later. [This shouldn't discourage you from sharing, though!]

There's also another little secret, but I gotta stay loyal to my Radio Peeps on that one.

Anyway, the *secret* gave me the idea to play radio tag on my show last week. Basically each city is a team and they tag each other to call in. I had no idea how it'd go, but I gave it a whirl, and had a freakin' BLAST!

It was the most random and most talkative show I've maybe ever done, but having the phones blow up the entire time was awesome. [It really is the best feeling when interesting/fun people call, no matter what they're saying.]

If you get 7 minutes, I'd love for you to listen! It's a big ol' dose of me, and it's not often I upload this much of my show! If you don't have the full 7 minutes worth of an attention span, at least skip to 4:30 when things get really hilarious thanks to a pothead and a gay.

I can't even get enough of Ryan, my favorite caller to date. If only I could have him in once a week or something.

And seriously, memorize that phone number and call a betch every once in a while! Prank me, for all I care... Just keep me company in a lonely studio.


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