Friday, May 24, 2013

pinspired recipe: crockpot ranch potatoes

Ready for an easy side that's scrumdiddliumptious?!

Ranch crock-pot potatoes, as Pinspired by this here recipe.

They're super easy! All you do is throw some cut up red potatoes, water, and minced garlic in the crock-pot and let it sit on high for 3-5 hours, or low 6-8 hours, then add some seasonings, ranch dressing, and cheeses!

You should know, however, they probably won't come out looking like up there. Mine were more like this: 

Basically a sloppy, kinda mashed up mess... but it didn't matter! They were still delicious.

I will say that I will probably make a couple changes next time I make them. Instead of using ranch dressing after they're cooked, I feel like it'd be great to mix in ranch dressing mix halfway through the cook-time. Same with the other spices. I like to really let the flavor soak into whatever I'm cooking in the crock-pot.

Also, you don't need nearly as much cheese as they suggest [1/2 cup]. In fact, I don't think you really need any at all, except maybe a little bit of parmesan cheese. [If you're on a diet, anyway. If you don't count calories- the more cheese the better, right?!]

Here's the thing.... a lot of these food bloggers are all fancy with their photography too. They find the perfect dish and the perfect lighting and the perfect set-up as if they're a restaurant trying to sell their food. Not me. I'm showin' you like it is... and I'm pretty sure it still looks delicious.

So there ya go! Try this recipe this weekend. It's easy to make, can feed a lot of people for a cook-out or whatever, and everyone will like it. I mean, duh- it's ranch flavored. 


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