Friday, May 17, 2013

morning hangover 051713

Well I certainly sucked at getting posts up yesterday and broke my streak of being muddaeffin AWESOME. But you're just gonna have to forgive me cuz I was doing awesome videos that left me looking like this:

Anyway, you're not here to talk about me, you wanna talk about the Internet.
You [and your boss] should be aware that it's National Pizza Party Day. All of your meals are now planned for the day.

Tomorrow is National I Love Reeses Day and also Visit Your Relatives Day. So pretend like we're related, come visit me, and bring me candy.
And Sunday is Neighbor Day. You should probably just sit out by their house all day, hoping to make a new friend. Don't knock. Just wait.

You all have a blast of a weekend, ya hear?! I'll be doing Pinteresting things, of course.


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