Monday, May 20, 2013

beyond the real world portland cameras: meet marlon

Last week, I had Marlon join me on the show/for a podcast! After talking to him online a few times, I've been wanting to get him on, but he was caught up with.... something..... for a little while. *hint hint*

I was excited to ask him about all the issues in the house that he is seemingly always brought into, his sexual past, and the real deal with Nia. It seems like he's not all that into her either, but he told me it's actually just the opposite, we're just not seeing everything.

While that was shocking, it looks like there's a chance he could return back to his "dark side," like a lot of guys are hoping for.

Find out all sorts of things that we're not getting to see on the show, my recent thoughts, and some random questions like how he got out of an arrest and what he thinks is sexy.

As we talked about, here's one of his music videos for you to check out his work!

Up next: I'm going to get Jordan on here! [Still trying to coordinate with Jess' people, too...] Let me know if you have any questions or comments for him!


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tobago99 said...

Here's a link to Marlon's (aka Jay Dillinger aka JDeezy's) video "Come Up".