Thursday, April 18, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 041713

Oh hey, y'all! Happy Wednesday!

Before we get into it, a little disclaimer: There are a few pictures that were submitted this week that weren't included. I've decided to leave the pajamas out of the posts for now. I'm all about outfits that tell a story, are cute, have unique elements, etc! What other people will enjoy reading/seeing, I will share!

Hope ya don't hate me! Let's get to it!

These cutout flats on @mon_ponnd need to be mine! Hiding the toes but cool for summer!

@samanthaasingh's stripes and dress combo are sexy without showing a lot of skin. Loving the peplum.

Love the combo of pretty and flowy but @naomicvargas also has that messy or easy vibe too!

@vanezsafm just convinced me to get colorful, floral pants. The dressed them down and looks great!

@abaker1804 got this on a clearance rack and as she said- it's perfect for work or going out!

@captainamandica was outside fishing and needed to bundle up/protect her makeup!

@siarrahhh showed off her new thigh tat with a cute and short floral skirt

Seems hard to keep calm this week, but I do enjoy @ksnedegar's t-shirt!

Look at the awesome ring @dubwalston is wearing! The shirt is pretty great, too.

Love the simple ruffles or whatever you call them on @BrookeRadio's shirt!

Yay for Spring/Summer clothes! @amsnedegar is ready!

@toribabyy14 was able to rock the same cute shorts during the day, and to work! The pink/grey combo is great!

Wide leg pants and a crop top- another thing I would never dream of but @alex_bubblyonabudget pulls off flawlessly.

@kristin_bubblyonabudget's flats are DIY! The octopuses bring a fun flare to the outfit.

Maroon ankle pants, leopard, and a statement necklace?! What's NOT to love on @AloraBuzz?!

@meeshkatz's denim-bottom dress is so simple, but so cute! I want to find one.

@KaciKruz said "Bum jeans with black heels to make them feel less bummy"... and they do just that! This is one of my favorite trends on Pinterest right now.

Love that @matty_may757 is showing his Boston love and support.

@JenDBradley's shoes need to get in my closet! And she's got a necklace from Mexico

Green pants on @dannielleor! With the chambray shirt with colorful buttons?! Yeah, it's great.

@Katie__Richter was celebrating What Ya NOT Wearin Wednesday, it seems like, while "getting naked" with @CaraFnParrish

@HolliEimer and friends took advantage of the warm weather in all different styles! 

Love @burnttea's little black dress! It's perfect, especially paired with those fun, colorful shoes.

@katiecakes26 paired a gold-ish skirt with a navy blazer! Good choice.

And I think I was slightly inspired by Coachella... or something... because I never dress like this. I don't even know what to call this look.
-shirt: like $7 from F21 [it has a keyhole in the back]
-belt: free on a pair of shorts
-skirt: I got it from Hollister my junior year of high school, soo...?
-sandals from Express for $14 after discounts
-cowboy boots a gift from the awesome friends in TX
-I also had on white flower earrings from BlueLans for $1

Fun fact: The skirt is absolutely gigantic, from my days of weighing nearly 200 pounds. [Yeah, that happened.]  Luckily it's drawstring. 
I've actually thought about throwing this thing away every year, and every year I tell myself I shouldn't. As much as I'm aware this outfit is not flattering to my body type at all, I do think I can work this skirt in other ways.

And there we have it! As always, thanks to everyone for submitting! Waking up and seeing pictures already posted in the morning is the best feeling ever. 


PS if you sent more than just PJs or something and you're not included, let me know! Sometimes I accidentally miss people!

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