Monday, April 1, 2013

nifty?: urban outfitters is selling ridiculous 90s things now

I told myself I'd stay off the internet today and not believe a damn thing that is posted, but I'm assuming all of these things are actually for sale on Urban Outfitters website just because they've always embraced the weird and the 90s.

So... Take a little looksee at what they're assuming people will buy...

These light-up platform shoes for $180

This sweatshirt is actually pretty sweet, but it's $50

These velvet shoes that should only be worn as a costume are already sold out.

This sweet Power Rangers shirt is full nostalgia for $45

While this is totally Clarissa, Dawson's Creek, and Topanga approved, I'm not sure it's 2013 or pocketbook approved for $50

While these look comfortable, just NO... for $54

As for these... they're only appropriate for a gag gift, BUT they're $16

I really can't decide. Prank or not?! I feel like some of these could TOTALLY be real, while other have to be a jk. The shoes?! SERIOUSLY?! There's no way......

As much as I truly love the 90s, there are some things that don't need to be brought back... and most of these are some of those things.


PS tune into my show tonight! Gonna be pranking lots of real-life people! One an hour on a commercial free show! Starts at 6, ends at 11!

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Panty Buns said...

For a long time I've had a bit of a dilemma: Overalls are comfortable and suitable for doing drywall, carpentry, siding and roofing, but at the same time I would love to be wearing something more feminine and participate in the underwear as outerwear trend. That Clarrisa, Dawson's Creek and Topanga approved floral bottomed overall dress from Urban Outfitters would be perfect. I could wear it on ladders and scaffolds allowing my panties to show whilst still not ripping my lingerie on the rough surroundings or getting spackle on it. Too bad it's a bit on the pricey side - also there should be a hammer loop on the floral skirt portion. As for those light-up platform shoes, I can totally imagine Lady Gaga wearing them - but they do look like a prank.