Thursday, March 14, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 031313

If only March was the 13th month... Yesterday's date woulda been like SO COOL!

Alright, I'm sorry. No more wasting time.

So glad @alorabuzz joined in this week from LA! LOVE her all black with a pop of color! And her bag. And her earrings. [There was a new pope yesterday, after all!]

@SimplySarah4 had this fantastic bohemian-ish maxi skirt for her work outfit! Those just look unbelievably comfortable.

@jannashepherd mixed the best color combo of mint and coral, with a fun black and white top!

I love @siarrahhh's bandana to add some color!

@gillyrae loves floral prints, and for good reason! She rocks that jacket!

Do I even need to say how obessed I am with @wvgirl13's socks?!

So excited for @BonnieRash who sent their picture in from SXSW! They performed twice! Congrats, boys! And lookin' good with the different styles!

Some girls pull off camo... and @jennay_z is one of those girls!

@mdefunk went a little bohemian, too! That dress is fabulous!

I can't decide what the most fabulous part of @caralineemily14's picture is! All the jewelry? The pose? The SHOES?!

It's workout season for everyone! @KaciKruz showed off her glued-to-the-body pants!

Loving @BrookeRadio's whole ensemble for a total of $21! Remember that necklace. You'll see it again soon! 

@amsnedegar is sporting the latest domestic short-hair. Is it another grumpy cat not wanting to show its face?!

WOW! @CoreyRadio actually put on a button down for the occasion!

@toribabyy14 is so ready for spring, and I don't blame her! Lovin' the brights!

Oohh, @ksnedegar has me googly eyes over her bright blue pants and that top! It makes me wanna have an office job for a day!

@AaronsFreakFlag and friend sport the ties at their job!

I didn't get the memo, but apparently on Wednesdays, @trudeewiltshire wears Hawaiian shirts.

@ginacostanzo87 is ready for the weekend with her St Pattys-fab manicure!

@abaker1804 is ready to put her sweaters away for the year! DITTO! But those boots are great!

@captainamandica and her friend were fun and matchy on their way to the Outer Banks! Those sunglasses are the best!

Remember how I said to remember the owl necklace?

Ta da! We both got them from for $2! It was my inspiration combined with these flats I got from Wet Seal for $4!
-jeggings from F21 $6
-shirt from NY&C for $12ish

TOTAL: $24
And because I enjoyed my outfit on Tuesday night, I figured I'd share this as well! [I know, this is supposed to be about you.... but it's still my blog!.....]

-sweater from TJ Maxx $8
-skirt from F21 $4
-shoes from $18
-long dangly gold earrings from Charlotte Russe $2
TOTAL: $34

 Normally I struggle to find something to wear with that sweater because it's short... but apparently a higher wasted skirt is the way to go!

Thanks again to everyone for submitting! Still seeing new faces and I love it!


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