Tuesday, March 12, 2013

watch etv: i made a new gangsta rap video

A couple years ago, I got dared to do a gangsta rap video. I did it in like two hours, and though it's pretty funny, I could probably put a little more effort into making a better one.

On Friday night, @Jenna_Sangria told me to make a new one for Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise."

I didn't have a hat to cut holes in for the full Coolio effect, but I did get the pigtail things... and I obviously did the video. 

This song is a little more calm than anything DMX, but for serious comedic relief, make sure you watch Corey. He pulls a Britney Spears and scratches his crotch [with a gun] mid-video.

And seriously... how AMAZING does that graffiti wall look?! Especially with my new camera! [Make sure you're watching in HD!]

Jenna thinks I should do more of these... We'll see!



Unknown said...

was marcus saunders the inspiration here?

elizabethany said...

LOL. maybe. i might have used some of his clothing....