Monday, February 18, 2013

watch: virginia beach [and me] breaks a world record!

You guys.... If I start acting all high and mighty and way cooler than you all of the sudden, it's for good reason. As of Friday morning, I'm now a Guinness World Record holder.

Okay, I'm one of 1085 people who became one, but still! We all came together in the sleeting weather to do a cartwheel at one time, and it was freaking awesome!

Here's a simple video from the Virginian Pilot:

I did a one-handed one because I wanted to try and capture the moment [and try to get Corey and our radio friend JoJo's first ever cartwheels on tape]... This is the result:

Seriously, it seems so simple, but we felt so accomplished, and I still feel pretty effing cool. To the gyms who helped put this on and all the people who came out: THANK YOU!


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