Wednesday, November 28, 2012

what ya wearin wednesday 112812

Some people are all "wahhh, I don't look cute today, why couldn't you have done this yesterday?!" I have a couple things to say:

  • Because it's Wednesday, and I do this every Wednesday
  • Who cares what you look like? Crop your face out. Or realize that I get a good variety of pics sent in.
  • Quit ya whinin'
  • You shoulda taken a pic yesterday and sent it today. I woulda never noticed. 
Mmkay, now that that's outta the way, let's look at my true friends! ;)

Katelyn on Facebook is clearly full of life, just like her wardrobe! Love the colors.

Okay, so any time anyone wears red, it's awesome... @ksnedegar

I'm pretty jealous of these boots @kendlechappelle got on Black Friday.

@JaceBarrow is so adorbs, I'm assuming everyone else is falling in love with him just looking at this, too.

@Siarrahhh is all trendy with boots, jeggings, and a crop top! But that mirror is making me nervous.

@jannashepherd fresh outta zumba... trying to motivate me or something. Pfft.

@BrookeonHOT sported shorts in the cold weather, and rocked em! Love that necklace.

@AmbitiousPrime was working today... for the Houston Texans!!

Kelly on Facebook was sporting some Crocs... because of work. [Phew]

The pretty/more rugged combo is fantastic on @KaciKruz!

I can't tell you how much I love @chassidy_may's stripes, sparkles, and leg warmers! And her eyes. I found this week's girl crush.

I don't know how old @AlexisTwohig2 is, but I assume pretty young.. which makes me appreciate her Biggie shirt even more.

I wore a lot of my Black Friday items today. This scarf is about to become a serious staple:
  • Leopard scarf [the most comfortable and warm and awesome thing ever] from Charlotte Russe for $5
  • Yellow cardigan from Papaya for $10 [$20 at Target]
  • Tee from F21 for $5
  • Jeans from Charlotte for.... 15ish?
  • Leopard flats from Rue21 for $12 [similar]
  • Leopard heart earrings from for $1!
  • TOTAL: $48

I also decided to get Slutty in on the action while we were working on some Christmas card photos: 

Yeah, she wasn't too happy. 

That's that for this week! Another good one! Let's keep it up, shall we?!


PS: I'll be sending out Christmas cards within the next couple weeks. If you want me to send your way, just holler! 

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