Wednesday, October 3, 2012

eb style: feather earrings and snake skin

For the 3OH!3 and Outasight concert last week, I couldn't figure out what the h I wanted to wear, until I saw my "Ke$ha earrings."

They're super long, colorful feathers that I got to dress up as her one night. I thought I'd never wear them again, but then I kinda started to love them. All I needed was a reason to stick those suckers in the holes.

With inspiration from the leopard print in the feathers, I paired my super old snakeskin heels with mint jeans to match the pretty blue feather.

The shoes are so old I can't tell you wear I got them or how much... All I know is I found them in the clearance section once upon a time [like 75% of my shoes]. The shiny shirt is from TJ Maxx for $9, and the earrings are from Forever 21 for $4. And of course- my new favorite mint jeans from Target clearance for $12. [Don't mind the thick hair tie around my wrist. It's one of those sweet twistbands from Birchbox.]

The hardest thing for me when getting dressed is just finding a little inspiration. If I don't find something on Pinterest that I want to use or one article I love, I stare blankly at my drawers hoping for something to jump on me. Thank goodness I spotted these feathers so I could feel slightly rocker-ish [okay, maybe not really], but still totally me.

And just because I don't feel very "me" while standing and smiling, my coworkers made me take this:


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