Wednesday, September 19, 2012

watch: my office does a "call me maybe" video

Better late than never, right?

Tomorrow night, the office is hosting an "open house." Basically, we invite a bunch of people up to the building to eat, drink, get silly, see how everything works, and oh yeah- Maybe gain a little somethin-somethin out of it.

My coworkers over in the interactive department wanted to do a fun video for everyone who comes, and what better way than a funny lipdub to this year's biggest song?!

We jumped on the bandwagon [and other things] and created this hott mess of awesome silliness:

The best parts are definitely the people who know nothing about the song and are completely awkward throughout the video. [If they're reading this, welp... they know who they are, and they should know that they really are the best parts... don't ya agree?!]

It's also fun to see the very different personalities that run around in a radio office. #1 rule to working in one: Know how to have fun, all the time. CHECK!


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