Friday, August 3, 2012

beyond the real world st thomas cameras: a tall order of robb and brandon!

YOU GUYS. We've seen 6 episodes, and I've talked to 6/7 of the roommates! I'm baa-aaack.

I've been waiting for a good time to talk to Robb, and apparently I did it right! Brandon happened to be at his house last night when we chatted, so obvi I got him on the phone, too.

We talked about what made Marie so *different* that he fell for her and what he'd do if Marie was hit on in front of his face like Laura was. I also got a question from Callie on Twitter- Why didn't anyone call out Trey for being a hypocrite!?

Seems like Robb kept his distance from Trey while on the island.

Also, Brandon let us in on what they really did on St Patty's Day [yacht party!] and why being on the Real World has ruined his childhood loves.

I've also been wondering if there may be an interesting dynamic between LaToya and Swift after talking to him last week. And by "interesting dynamic," I mean the need for a good hate-bang. Obviously I asked the boys about this.

"The only couple still together?!" Oh no! WHO SAW THAT COMING?! ;)

Goodness I can't wait until this reunion. It's clear they don't all love each other, and there are going to be some colorful conversations.

Hopefully I can snag Laura for next week! If not, do you have a fave that I should get back on? Hollerback!


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