Friday, July 20, 2012

i created style boards inspired by my life in radio

So I discovered this website last night, Polyvore, and LADIES BEWARE! You will spend entirely too much time throwing together outfit ideas that don't exist in your closet. It's like dressing up dolls or something.

BUT, I made sure I had a purpose to waste a couple hours messing around with it.... giving you fashion ideas for tonight's big opening night at Luckie's! Here's a little style board full of HOT 100.5 colors!
HOT 100.5 Style

Cute, right?! I kinda want the bright blue pants/purple shirt combo like NOW! And the Biebs shirt, and the microphone necklace, obvi.

The first one I made was mostly a joke to test it out, but here's "radio attire."

Radio jocks

The neat thing is you can click on the items and buy em for yourself! [Just click on the link below and it'll be interactive on the website. I guess it's technically free advertising for those websites, huh? Whatevs. It's neat.]

Have you played on it before? If so, send me your boards! I wanna pin em!

Goodbye, life as I knew it. Time to play with fashion. [WHO AM I THESE DAYS?!]



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