Wednesday, June 6, 2012

human hair necklaces make me wanna vom

I found out about the all new designer slap bracelets yesterday and got pretty excited... then I saw how expensive they were. Instead of looking at them some more, I looked at other new "fashions" and stumbled upon necklaces made of human hair.

I thought it was some sick joke or some weirdo on Etsy, but it's actually a real jewelry artist with a degree in making accessories! 


Gross. If you would ever wear these, we can't be friends. Sorry boutchya.

There's just one question I have: WHYYYY?!?!?! Sure, I'll admit that I think it probably takes some serious skill to make these designs out of hair, but can you imagine wearing them?! Holy uncomfortable! Extra hair everywhere already makes me vom, and aren't girls supposed to have as little as possible on their bodies?


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Drake said...

um, that's just nasty...