Thursday, April 26, 2012

this ellen show workout makes working out at home worth it

I promised myself I'd get my ass back in the gym this week... and then I didn't feel like driving the 25 minutes to get there. Instead, I decided to catch up on some Ellen while working out in my living room.

Normally I feel like it's pointless to do this because I never get a GOOD workout in my house... but now that belief has changed.

In order to challenge myself, I decided to make a workout that goes along with the show. Each segment I do something different, and I'm not allowed to stop until that segment is done. It's nice because I get to watch the show, and I don't have to worry about focusing on counting [or the burn I'm feeling].

I did the workout on Monday and Tuesday, and hott damn I am a sore girl today. Walking down the stairs is certainly a challenge and probably looks like I have something shoved up my hole.

So... it totally works, and if you're an Ellen watcher like me, here's the workout you should do every day when you watch:

Of course, you can switch up the actual exercises.. I normally do. The ones I put in the graphic are just a basic guide for people who need some ideas. 

Also, I did the workout while watching the shows on DVR, so it was more of a constant workout. If you're watching it live, use the commercial times wisely by stretching or doing something like calf raises. 

And don't you worry about looking silly while dancing when you need a breather. Ellen frowns upon you worrying about such things. 

Have fun!



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