Monday, April 9, 2012

real world st thomas: meet latoya and trey

Two more cast members revealed, two more to go!

First off, meet LaToya Jackson [Really].
  • 22
  • From Petersburg, VA
  • Graduated from Virginia State U as a mass communication/radio major
  • People apparently say she's guarded, but this is how she describes herself:
    "My name is LaToya Jackson..alter ego Toi Tabloid. I consider myself to be a small town girl..with big time dreams. I aspire to one day become a world renown televison broadcaster for a major televison network."

Minus the whole being guarded thing, she sounds like my kinda girl! I mean, we have SO much in common! [Okay, maybe just a few things, but still!] It'll be interesting to see how guarded she really is, especially if she really plans on making it in the TV/radio world. [You can't really be guarded in radio, that's for damn sure.]

And now meet Trey Weatherholtz.

  • 23
  • From Dundalk, MD
  • Former wide receiver at Frostburg, graduated in 2010.
  • Says he's super blunt and honest and:
    "I battled circumstances of growing up without a father, accepting my mother's new husband, financial difficulties, school/work/sports problems, as well as relationship issues – all on my way to trying to create the brightest possible future for myself."

He also said that homosexuals confuse him, which has me very hesitant. He also went on a self proclaimed racist rant on Twitter. The man is a beautiful creature to stare at, but I hope they didn't really put another Zack in the house.

Here's to hoping for the best, eh?!


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