Wednesday, April 4, 2012

nifty: iphone case is also a condom case

Looky here, fellas! No more excuses for not having a condom, no more awkwardly getting caught with them, no more having to keep them in the forbidden place that is your wallet... You can store them right in your phone!

Your phone is with you everywhere, so it only makes sense, right?! That's what this playa-playa thought, too. [He refers to himself as a playa. Hence the name of the case. Watch out for the "don't hate the playa hate the game" line.]

Now he's gettin laid every day! Well hott damn, boy!

I guess everyone needs one of these now. [Or, as soon as they become available.] They're $30 and come in three colors! Even pink for the ladies! Holla!

Play safe, everyone.


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