Tuesday, April 24, 2012

forever 21 has welcomed the 90s back

We did it!! We have officially brought the 90s back! [And yes, I'm giving credit to us because as of 3 years ago, I don't know ANYONE who really wanted to bring the 90s back as much as me.]

I knew Forever 21 had been filling their racks with a lot 90s-esque clothing, but I wasn't sure they were aware. That was until I saw they had a 90s Lookbook on their website with tons of clothes to fit the bill!

While I will admit that some of the 90s fashions should not be coming back in full swing, I am about to get my butt to the mall so I can look superfab at my 90s-themed club night on Thursday night. Here are some of the goodies:

Obvi the 90's child, floral shirt with cut offs is great, but let's take a look at that neon Mickey Mouse shirt! Remember when Mickey was the freakin' coolest character to have on your clothes?! Also- The leopard tank with high cut-offs- SO Kelly Kapowski [in college maybe], right?

I'm a little wary about bringing back flannel and overalls, but these girls really do make it look good. Throw on a belly shirt or bikini top, and you got yourself a slutty but conservative look, right? Jean jackets have been around a little bit for a couple of years, but pairing it with the super girly, floral dresses: So 90s. 

Accessories: Obviously platform shoes are a must, some studs help bring the "beauty" of the grunge/rock 90s fashion, and how great were floral sunglasses?! I remember mine vividly, although they had a sweet visor attached as well-->
If you take a looksy at their 90s clothes, let me know which one you're loving! [Seriously! I like hearing back about these things, duh!] And no, Forever 21 did not pay me to do this post, even though I SO wish they did. Hmph. 

Also, if you're in the Hampton Roads area, come play like it's 1999 with music, fashion, games, prizes, etc on Thursday night at Fahrenheit on Granby Street in Norfolk!


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