Wednesday, March 7, 2012

watch etv: our second day in new orleans for mardi gras

It's time to experience another day with us in New Orleans for Mardi Gras! It was our first full day there, we woke up with Red Seas [you'll see how ..awesome.. they are in the video], saw a battle of high school bands, pole danced on protesters, got up on a balcony, and of course, saw plenty more boobs.

I wanna say this was my favorite day, but how can I pick a favorite?! They were all very different but equally as nuts! Here... see for yourself!

Watching that back I'm STILL pissed at Bobby for just disappearing for HOURS and not answering his phone until he felt like it. What a dick.

I'll still have one more video to share next week, so get ready! It covers all of the aspects we haven't yet!

[And hopefully you didn't miss video #1 or the pictures...]


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