Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my thrift store outfit i wore to an important meeting

I had a meeting in DC yesterday [I would tell you exactly why, but because I don't think anything will immediately come from it, I'm going to hold off.. but if you pay attention to tweets and stuff, you may have gotten it], and I decided to dig into my "nothing but clearance, thrift store, and hand me down items" pile for my outfit.

[Sorry, I totally did MySpace pictures for this one in the office bathroom.]

The blazer is actually my mom's, and she got it from a thrift store for $3!! I've learned that's the best place to get them, and if you roll the sleeves up a bit, they become a little "younger" than what they were probably originally designed for.
The black tee is a basic from Forever 21 that I got for $7, the jeans are from TJ Maxx for $12, the shoes are from Charlotte Russe's clearance rack for $15, and the necklace was on clearance at Rue21 for $.99!!!

For everything: $38. And I think I look pretty damn good and professional. Beyond that: my butt looks incredible in these jeans.

Moral of the story, and all my stories: Check the clearance, go to thrift stores, buy things cheap, and don't feel bad about it. You'll still look great! [You can also get a camera phone with a Best Buy promotional code and take neat photos like me.]

My EBudget tip for this post is to set one day a week, mine is normally Friday because I'm so busy, to just run in your favorite stores and go straight to the clearance racks. Don't look at anything else, but stay up to date with what's on sale!


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